Lucca, Italy .

    Enclosed within its sixteenth-century walls, symbol and natural park of the city, Lucca is certainly one of the most beautiful cities in Tuscany and Italy, rich in history with Piazza Anfiteatro, 100 churches, the Pinacoteca, Guinigi Tower and much more. Music and Lucca: an essential union by Giacomo Puccini.


    Montecarlo, Province of Lucca, Italy .

    The small village of Montecarlo is located in the Province of Lucca,
    it's territory is renowned for the beauty of its landscapes, consisting of vineyards and olive trees. It’s a typical medieval village consisting of many narrow streets and alleys. The focus is clearly its fortress, the Rocca del Cerruglio.Montecarlo is famous for its wine that you can taste and buy in the cellars or in the town fairs.

  • PISA

    Pisa, Italy .

    It’s famous for Piazza dei Miracoli and the Leaning Tower, one of the seven wonders of the world. Interesting to visit the historic center, guardian of one of the Maritime Republics. Nearby there is also the Tenuta di San Rossore, park of the Medici, to be visited for the existing fauna and flora.


    Versilia, Province of Lucca, Italy .

    Versilia, a cultured and fun region, is known to many for its evening social life. This arm of land in the province of Lucca, which extends between the slopes of the Apuan Alps and the San Rossore Park, is famous for the its beaches. Forte dei Marmi, a beautiful, very glamorous town overlooking the sea and surrounded by the Apuan Alps. The visit to the Carrara marble quarries, the various artists’ workshops and art galleries in Pietrasanta is interesting.


    Montecatini Terme, Province of Pistoia, Italy .

    Spa town with its Art Nouveau buildings, the funicular that connects Montecatini Terme with Montecatini Alto is very beautiful, from which it overlooks part of the Val di Nievole. Nearby is Grotta Giusti, a renowned spa with an outdoor pool with therapeutic waters at 35 degrees and whirlpools. (Special convention for our guests)


    SP35, 51012 Pescia PT .

    For children, in the village of Collodi there is the Pinocchio Park, which offers a special discount for our guests, the visit cannot be missed. The Pinocchio Park is a commemorative park of the famous fairy tale and is located in Collodi, a hamlet in the municipality of Pescia. Collodi is the town where Carlo Lorenzini, the author of the Adventures of Pinocchio, lived.



    Pistoia, Province of Pistoia, Italy .

    Pistoia is a charming city of art built in Roman times, with a medieval historic center perfectly preserved. 
    Pistoia is one of the centers that best summarize the essence of the Tuscany region thanks to its ancient urban and architectural rich in churches, museums and palaces.
    It was elected Italian capital of culture in 2017.


    Villa Reale di Marlia, Via Fraga Alta, Marlia, Province of Lucca, Italy .

    The Villa Reale di Marlia is considered one of the most important historical houses in Italy. In the XIX century it was the residence of Elisa Bonaparte Baciocchi, Napoleon's sister and Princess of Lucca. The visit offers the surprise of immersing yourself in a multitude of paths, avenues and gardens with true botanical rarities and imposing palaces in a combination of evocative beauty between past and present.


    Villa Torrigiani, Via Stradone di Camigliano, Capannori, Province of Lucca, Italy .

    Two majestic wings of cypress trees almost a kilometer long, announce the theatrical facade of Villa Torrigiani, the best example of baroque architecture in Tuscany. The Villa and the park date back to the early '500.

    It is possible to visit the majestic gardens, Flora's Garden-Theatre with caves and water games still working.Not to be missed !!


    Il Quercione, Capannori, Province of Lucca, Italy .

    The Quercione delle Streghe has been declared a monumental tree of Italy and given its size figure on NATO maps. Recently it was elected the most beautiful tree in Tuscany with its 600 years of age, 24 meters high, a trunk of circumference of 4.50m and the crown a diameter of 40 m.


    Ponte del Diavolo, Borgo a Mozzano, Province of Lucca, Italy .

    The Devil’s Bridge or Maddalena’s Bridge is located since the fourteenth century on the river Serchio. It is called "devil’s bridge" thanks to the legend that saw its builder come to terms with the devil. These pacts provided that the bridge could be completed in a single night, provided that the builder brought in return the first soul that crossed it. Rushing to report this pact to the parish priest of the village, the builder devised a stratagem that saw first a dog, which was thrown into the river by the Devil. The story is still handed down that the dog is seen crossing the bridge on October evenings.


    Barga, Province of Lucca, Italy .

    Located in the heart of Garfagnana, in the province of Lucca, the small Barga amazes for its simple beauty. It is a town of just under 10 thousand inhabitants, with cool climates all year round, breathtaking views and villages untouched for centuries. You will discover an area outside the mass tourist circuits but very beautiful and fascinating, where art, culture and traditions come together in a unique mix.