Family holidays


The Farmhouse Benedict Court want to offer a holiday that is interesting for you and funny for your children. In all rooms you can add a bed, a little bed for babies, or to have all equipments you need.
The farm has an equipped area with games for children, the slide in the pool and so lovely garden.
At the restaurant, the chef will offer menus designed for your kids with healthy and genuine foods.

Opportunity to visit:
-    Collodi park
-    Montecatini baths
-    Zoo in Pistoia
-    Vinci museum
-    Pisa Tower

Cooking class and…


We can organize cooking courses (Italian and Lucca’s recipes, pizza) and many other courses on request. Courses of decoration: design, stencil, decoupage,…. Reservations required.


  • Pinocchio Park
Pinocchio Park
  • Garzoni Garden
Garzoni Garden
  • Collodi Butterfly House
Collodi Butterfly House
  • Zoological Gardens of Pistoia
Zoological Gardens of Pistoia
  • Grotta Giusti Natural Spa Resort
Grotta Giusti Natural Spa Resort